If you enjoy hosting gatherings at home with family or friends, now is a great time to evaluate how well your outdoor living spaces measure up and where improvements are needed. Whether you have a porch, patio, or deck, a few simple updates can help customize your outdoor space and significantly impact how often you use it. 

Ten Ways to Update Your Outdoor Living Space 

1. Add More Lighting

Lighting adds to the ambiance and keeps outdoor living areas safe by illuminating dark places where there may be steps or uneven walkways. Solar-powered lighting can be used to light up walkways, decks, or areas of interest like a fire pit or water feature. String lights or lanterns are easy ways to set a festive mood. If you have a covered porch, you can add a couple of table lamps. 

2. Increase Your Privacy

Your outdoor space will feel more like a relaxing oasis if it has a sense of privacy. Fences, garden walls, and landscaping can help ensure privacy for patios. Adding lattice panels or hanging outdoor curtains is another way to boost privacy on decks and porches.

3. Add a Ceiling Fan

Outdoor ceiling fans allow people to enjoy an outdoor living space even as temperatures rise. Mounting a ceiling fan on a porch or enclosed patio improves ventilation, adds lighting, and helps keep the mosquitoes away. You can find an outdoor ceiling fan to complement any style and budget. 

4. Upgrade Your Seating

People are more likely to use an outdoor space if there is plenty of comfortable seating for everyone. Weatherproof chairs, a table, and a rug can be grouped to create a welcoming area for friends and family to gather. A hammock is an excellent addition to your backyard if you have the space. Portable seating that is easy to move and rearrange is a practical choice.

5. Take Advantage of Overhead Space

If you have a covered deck or patio, utilize the vertical space if you haven’t already. Install hanging planters, drape string lights across the ceiling, or hang outdoor curtains to make your outdoor space feel more like a living room.

6. Add Some Outdoor Rugs

Just as they do indoors, rugs can pull an outdoor space together. In addition to adding style and color, they offer comfort underfoot for people and pets. Read this informative article to learn about outdoor rug options.

7. Enhance the Landscaping

Landscaping is a great way to add shade, color, and texture to your backyard. Planters are an easy way to add colorful flowers or plants to a small space. Herb and produce gardens are popular, and many varieties can be planted in large pots or planters. Tall plants with full leaves double as privacy screens when strategically placed around patios or on decks.

8. Create Cozy Warmth

Fireplaces are a natural focal point that can also help provide privacy for an outdoor living room. They are often a great starting point for an outdoor kitchen. Whether moveable or built-in, fire pits draw people together and are less expensive to install and maintain than an outdoor fireplace.

9. Add An Outdoor Kitchen

If you love grilling and eating outdoors, consider adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard. If a complete outdoor kitchen is out of reach budget or space-wise, a nice grill, a countertop for food preparation, and some enclosed storage may be all you need to make outdoor food preparation more convenient.

10. Add a Patio Roof or Enclosure

On bright sunny days, you’re more likely to spend time outside if you can get some relief from the sun. Umbrellas, awnings, and shade trees can help, but nothing beats the convenience of a permanent patio or deck cover. You can consider adding several enhancements to a patio with a solid roof, including ceiling fans, lighting, and entertainment systems. 

Think About Your Lifestyle

Spending more time outdoors is at the top of many families’ wish lists. Before choosing amenities for your outdoor living space, spend some time thinking about your goals. You may want a private oasis to relax in or need an outdoor kitchen for hosting large gatherings. Adding a deck or covered patio is a great way to get more use out of your backyard. Add comfortable furniture, entertainment options, a grill or outdoor kitchen, and you’ll create an outdoor oasis for family and friends to enjoy throughout the year. 

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