Building Additions

Expanding your home or commercial building can be beneficial for growing families or businesses. The type and extent of the expansion can vary, depending on your needs and goals. Melding the old with the new can be a challenge, but it is doable with the proper planning and hiring the right contractor.

Determining the Scope of the Project

It may be possible to achieve your expansion goals with alterations to your current structure. For example, finishing a basement or attic can add more functionality and additional living space to a home. Or you may be able to re-purpose your office supply room to accommodate copy machines or printers with a few modifications.

The first step in the process is deciding what you want and need. You need to decide whether the task consists of adding new space, improving existing space, or simply putting unused space to use. Then you can proceed with plans on how to successfully achieve those goals. RT Construction can help you determine the size and scope of your expansion.

The RT Construction Process

Our number one goal at RT Construction is to provide the best value and great customer service. We have adopted a process for making sure you get what you expect.

Step 1: Meet with the Home or Commercial Building Owner

We will meet with you to discuss your goals and desires in your expansion. We will then assess your current structure to determine if an alteration could meet the goals or if a building addition is needed. We consider the layout and aesthetics of the space in our assessment. We will provide an estimate for the project.

Step 2: Create a Design and Plan

We work with an architect to create building plans. The plans will incorporate the aesthetic aspects as well as space usage.

Step 3: Submit Plans to Owner

We will review the plans with you and answer any questions you may have. Once you have approved the plans, we will make any adjustments to the original estimate, if necessary.

Step 4: Acquire Necessary Permits

Most building additions will require local building permits. We will request them for you before building begins.

Step 5: Order Building Materials and Schedule Start Date

We will place the orders for all building materials needed for the project. Based on estimated delivery of the materials, we will coordinate the start of the project with you, taking into consideration any restrictions you have

Step 6: Complete the Project

All work will be done to our high-quality standards. We will do our best to stay on schedule. Once completed, we will walk through the modifications with you to make sure you are satisfied

Go with the Local Construction Pros

RT Construction is a local construction company with over 100 years combined experience. We use that experience, along with the best materials and construction management to give our customers the very best.

RT Construction has built both residential and light commercial for the Missouri, Illinois and Kansas markets with our emphases being the very best in what we do.

Give us a call today to see how we can make your home or commercial building accommodate your growing needs.

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