Under Decking

If you have an above-ground deck but no underdeck below it, you’re missing out on a lot of space. With the area beneath the deck protected from the elements, it could be used for storage, entertaining, dining, or just relaxing in the shade.

What Is an Underdecking System?

An underdecking system is a recently new and innovative product for the home improvement industry. It involves the installation of seamless and watertight aluminum panels and gutters under your existing deck that helps collect the water that falls through the deck’s slats.

When it rains or snows, the water flows through your deck floor. The underdecking systems collect all that water and channels it to a gutter system away from your house. The gutters and panels are seamless, so there is no chance of leaking. The result is an underdeck that stays dry year-round.

Why RainTight Is the Best Underdecking System

RainTight underdecking systems have been carefully designed to provide the BEST system for underdeck protection. Our rigid, heavy gauge aluminum will hold up to any amount of rain or snow. GUARANTEED! Our product has been engineered for complete water diversion to keep the area dry in all types of weather.

Unlike vinyl or PVC materials, our aluminum underdecks won’t sag or melt in the heat. The colors are baked in, not painted on, so there is no rusting, fading, or chipping. The system is practically maintenance-free, requiring only occasional wiping down with a damp cloth.

RainTight decks are an affordable solution. They are custom-made in-house to your home’s exact specifications. You do not pay for any extra material from suppliers due to length or size restraints. We custom make each and every system, minimizing cost and installation time.

Benefits of Underdecking Systems

Our RainTight underdecking system offers many advantages for you and your home.

  • Custom-made specifically to your measurements
  • Adds extra space for entertaining, storage, relaxing, and more
  • Adds resale value to your home
  • Can be installed under an existing deck or during deck construction
  • Can add electricity, lights and even ceiling fans
  • Quick installation; most systems can be installed in just one day
  • Requires no permits or inspections to install

Kits Available for Do-It-Yourselfers

If you’ve got the time, you may consider installing the underdecking system instead of hiring us to do it. No problem! RainTight offers underdecking installation kits for your use. You get the same high quality, custom-made system either way.

The kits have all the materials and instructions, including detailed how-to videos, needed to install the system yourself. BuildRT is always available to answer any questions you have if you get stumped during the project.

Start Using that Dreaded Area Under Your Deck

Don’t waste another day looking at that damp, dirty area beneath your deck. With an underdecking system in place, the space will stay clean and dry. You’ll be able to add patio furniture, tools, lawn equipment and more underneath without worrying that they’ll get ruined.

Give us a call today to get your free no-obligation consultation.

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