There are many reasons to build or renovate your home sustainably. You may want to reduce your environmental impact or lower your monthly utility bills. Sustainable construction promotes better air quality and creates a healthier living environment. Regardless of your motivation, an experienced and knowledgeable sustainable home renovation company can help. 

When choosing a contractor for your next project, look for someone who uses the most efficient and sustainable methods. Here are a few things to consider:


Construction and remodeling projects are messy. Consequently, most contractors generate massive quantities of waste that go straight to landfills. However, many of these materials are recyclable or could be reused. Select a contractor that is committed to reducing its contributions to landfills. They can do this by recycling as many materials as possible and donating items for reuse. These efforts reduce the environmental impact of your construction.

Disposal of Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials are harmful to homeowners and the environment. Remodeling projects often uncover asbestos, mold, and other hazardous situations. Most states and municipalities have regulations regarding the disposal of hazardous materials. The contractor you hire should be able to explain how they deal with hazardous waste properly and safely.

No VOCs or Carcinogenic Chemicals

Many conventional building products contain harmful chemicals. Furnishings, paints, and other common materials often contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs can cause serious health problems. They irritate the eyes and throat and can damage your liver and kidneys. In addition, formaldehyde is found in many building products. Plywood, particleboard, and other laminated products often contain this carcinogenic material. Avoiding VOCs and carcinogenic chemicals is best for the environment and your family’s health. There are safer and more eco-friendly building materials that an experienced contractor can recommend.

Sustainable Materials

Part of any home construction or remodeling project involves choosing new building materials. Not all materials are created equal. Some options are more eco-friendly than others. Use sustainably sourced wood for cabinets and millwork. Choose sustainable insulation for your attic and walls. The longevity and durability of building materials also contribute to their sustainability. After all, you must replace poor-quality materials sooner, which will likely go to a landfill. High-quality, long-lasting products are better for the environment.

Energy-Efficient Solutions

By making your home more energy efficient, you will reap the benefit of lowering your monthly utility bills while protecting natural resources. Upgrading your appliances to more energy-efficient versions, choosing low-flow plumbing fixtures, and installing insulation with a high R-value are just a few ways to create a more sustainable and energy-efficient home.

Simple Ways to Create a More Sustainable Home

You don’t have to remodel or build a new home to make a difference. There are many easy ways for homeowners to “go green” without spending a lot of time or money.

  • Switch to energy-efficient LED light bulbs
  • When you need new appliances, choose energy-efficient models
  • Wash laundry in cold water
  • Turn off the lights when you leave a room
  • Conduct your own energy audit
  • Insulate and weatherproof your home
  • Install low-flow faucets and shower heads
  • Fix water leaks immediately
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Make use of natural light
  • Install a programmable thermostat
  • Unplug electronic devices whenever possible
  • Turn down the temperature on your water heater
  • Use microfiber cloths instead of paper towels
  • Invest in smart power strips

Why Choose Sustainable Home Building Practices?

Choosing sustainable home-building practices is important in reducing harmful carbon emissions and will also help the strain on local water and energy resources. Building eco-friendly is a step in the right direction to combat climate change and help preserve the earth’s natural resources. Eco-friendly green building materials often last longer than conventional building materials and have lower maintenance and use costs, saving homeowners valuable time and lowering their energy bills. 

Choosing a Sustainable Home Builder

Different home builders take different approaches to the construction process. It’s important to decide what is important to you and interview several contractors before making a decision. Sustainability and high-performance building incorporates construction techniques, materials, and design to minimize a home’s impact on the environment. There are numerous issues to consider, including energy efficiency, water conservation, and indoor air quality. Choose a contractor who understands your concerns and can show you examples of their sustainable building projects.

Why Choose RT Construction?

RT Construction has completed residential and commercial projects in Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas with precision and quality for over 25 years. RT Construction focuses on healthy and sustainable home-building practices. We take pride in our work, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. The RT Construction Process ensures that our residential and commercial clients receive the best value and excellent customer service. We are licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection. Contact us online or call 636-317-5636 to schedule an inspection and free estimate.

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