Americans are focused on outdoor living more than ever before. According to a recent Houzz survey, more than half of respondents had recently updated their outdoor living space. For many homeowners, their deck is center stage for outdoor living and entertainment. Choosing decking materials is more complicated than ever, but choosing the right ones will make your outdoor living area beautiful and long-lasting.

Although they cost more upfront, choosing high-quality decking materials is essential. Here are five important reasons to consider investing in quality decking materials instead of cutting corners when building or replacing your existing deck.

Five Important Factors to Consider

1. Safety

You can’t put a price on your family’s safety. Investing in quality decking materials will offer peace of mind and reduce the risk of accidents or injuries as you spend time on your deck. Lower-quality materials with a cheaper price tag are prone to more problems as they age and deteriorate. Constant exposure to the elements can weaken parts and make them more susceptible to damage. A quality composite material can help ensure your deck is free from rotting wood, mildew, mold, and splinters.

2. Cost

In most instances, wood costs less than composite decking materials upfront. However, homeowners should carefully consider maintenance and repair costs. Wood requires more maintenance, and repairs can be costly over time. Natural wood is more susceptible to splitting, warping, rot, and splintering. A wood deck will need to be replaced sooner than a composite product, so it’s essential to consider the upfront cost and costs over time when selecting decking materials.

3. Durability and Longevity

Environmental factors have a direct impact on longevity. Wood decks will inevitably rot and deteriorate over time. For deck projects near or constantly exposed to water, synthetic decking materials contain no wood and are waterproof. Aluminum deck materials are mold-resistant and won’t rust, warp, splinter, or crack. The most durable deck materials will last for years with proper care and maintenance. Warranties are often available when purchasing high-quality decking materials to protect your investment.

4. Maintenance

Some materials require annual maintenance, while others can be largely ignored for years. You should consider how much maintenance you want to deal with each year. Consider how often the material will need to be power washed or stained. If you don’t want to handle the maintenance, how much will it cost to hire a professional year after year? Natural wood decks require more maintenance than other options. If you skip maintenance, wood decks can rot, crack, or warp, leading to splinters and the chance of severe structural damage.

5. Appearance

Quality decking materials will enhance your outdoor space and make it more attractive. Your home’s value can increase with the addition of an upscale deck. In addition, a custom-built deck will look beautiful year-round and create a great entertaining space. If you choose a high-quality composite material, you’ll have the natural appearance of wood without the ongoing maintenance issues. It’s now possible to have the natural look of wood without compromising quality.

Talk to An Expert When Choosing Deck Materials

Thanks to modern technology, there are more decking material choices than ever before. With solid wood, PVC, composite, masonry, and aluminum options available, considering the pros and cons of each type is essential. The Consumer Reports deck buying guide is an excellent place to start as you begin your selection process.

Each material has benefits and drawbacks, making it necessary to research the best choice for your property. Wood can be an excellent choice for customers who don’t mind the extra maintenance. For customers with a bigger budget, high-quality composite decking materials will last for many years with little care and few repairs. It comes down to your preferences, style, and budget. An experienced deck specialist, like RT Construction, will work with you to find the best decking material for your project.

Why Choose RT Construction?

If you’re ready to start designing your outdoor living space, working with an experienced contractor is essential. Whether you have a design in mind or want to explore other options, the professionals at RT Construction can design and build your ideal outdoor living space.

RT Construction has completed residential and commercial projects in Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas with precision and quality for over 25 years. We take pride in our work, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We design and install decks, patio covers, and underdecking systems at the Lake of the Ozarks. Our employees are licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection. Contact us online or call 636-317-5636 to schedule a consultation and free estimate.

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