It’s always exciting to plan your dream home; however, it can be overwhelming too. Your family has been saving and waiting for years to finally bring the vision to fruition. You get to make it unique and design it to be a perfect fit for you and your family. You are only limited by your imagination and budget. 

Building a home is an investment of both your time and money. Building your dream home is attainable and affordable with proper planning and support from a reputable home builder.

Turn Your Dream into Reality

Building a home can be stressful if you don’t work with a reputable and reliable builder to properly plan the layout of your house. An experienced custom home builder can help you handle these details and ensure you end up with a home that suits your needs.

Here are a few custom home building tips to help you get started:

1. Budget and Priorities

Develop a budget. Look at your finances thoroughly to determine how much you can spend on your dream home. Always allow for a “cushion” in the spending for unexpected expenses.

Decide what you need. Make a list of all the things your home must include, as well as additional nice-to-have items to incorporate if budget allows.

2. Consider Your Style of House

What type of home do you want? There are several architectural styles to choose from.  Do you prefer a one- or two-story home?

Think about the building material to use for construction. You can choose brick, siding, or stucco. Green homes are also on the rise. If you are more conscious of the effect you are leaving on the environment, this may be the option for you.

3. Find the Perfect Location

Location is one of the most important parts of building your home.  You will want a view you will love for a lifetime, wonderful neighbors, and a safe neighborhood to raise your children in. The public school district is an important factor as well, even if you don’t have children attending because it affects the property value.

Consider whether the neighborhood is located near your job, shopping, and other things that are important to you. Would you prefer the suburbs or a rural area? Location matters and can make a difference in your daily life. Make sure the lot or neighborhood is right for you.

4. Choose Your Contractor Wisely

Finding the right builder for you can be the difference between achieving your dream home or going through a nightmare. You don’t want a builder who cuts corners and lacks high-quality workmanship.

Hire a reputable, reliable, and experienced contractor. Check your builder’s reputation and financial status. Ensure that the contractor has experience building the type of home you want. Always check references to find out what prior clients’ experiences were.  

5. Go Over Blueprints with Your Builder

Sit down with your contractor and go over blueprints before moving forward in the design process. It gives you the chance to add on or remove elements, as needed, and to adjust placement. It’s easier and less costly to discuss, rearrange, and rework anything well before things are finalized and construction begins.

6. Aesthetics

The color and flow of a home can also affect its atmosphere and mood. Certain colors elicit feelings of happiness and peace, while other colors can excite and energize. Taking the psychology of color into account when picking a color palette can help you create the atmosphere you want in each room.

7. Beware of Over-Customization

Many soon-to-be homeowners go overboard on customization.  They request features with great specificity to their particular preferences. While this is a positive aspect while you are living in the home, it could have a negative impact when it comes time to sell it.   

8. Renovate Your Existing Home

If building your dream home from scratch is cost-prohibitive or the process too stressful, you can always choose to renovate your existing home instead. Here are some remodeling ideas to consider:

Add an extension

  • Add an outdoor living space
  • Use paint to give the exterior or interior a facelift
  • Replace the roof
  • Replace the windows
  • Convert the garage
  • Finish the basement
  • Landscape the garden
  • Upgrade your driveway with gravel or paving
  • Replace the front door

The Trusted Home Builder

The professional team at RT Construction has the experience and skill to help you to realize your dream. From selecting your perfect plan to picking your paint colors, we will help you through the entire process.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and passion for home building with you. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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