General Contracting Services in Lake St. Louis

Whether you’re looking to expand, redesign, or fix existing damages to your Lake St. Louis property, RT Construction contracting services can plan and manage any type of renovation. Residential or commercial, we can give new life to an older home or refresh your business.

RT Construction project teams listen to you and strive to exceed your project goals and expectations. Using the latest project delivery tools and techniques, we provide comprehensive planning, diligent management, and skilled craftsmanship. This has earned us a record of high-quality, on-budget, and on-time project completions.

Whether you’re renovating your current space or starting from scratch, our team is here to help you with every step of the process. We take pride in saying the best measure of our success is the satisfaction and repeat business of our Lake St. Louis clients.

Project Success Begins with Planning and Communication

With a renovation or new build project, there are multiple things to consider before beginning construction. Our work does not start when the shovel hits the dirt; instead, lots of planning and collaboration happen beforehand. RT Construction’s preconstruction planning team includes estimators and project managers who have years of experience in the type of project you are looking to build.

Through collaborative efforts, your Lake St. Louis project starts on solid ground. No construction project will succeed without careful planning. The goal is to craft a well-defined project scope, schedule, and budget to drive your project’s success.

We work very closely with the client and other key project partners to execute a variety of preconstruction services. These services uncover the unknowns upfront before they throw a big wrench into the schedule or budget.

Who should consider utilizing our preconstruction services? Just about everyone. The preconstruction planning is beneficial on small projects as well as large, complex projects.

Benefits of Renovation

If your Lake St. Louis home or business is showing signs of aging or no longer fits your needs as it should, RT Construction can help. Residential and commercial renovations are a viable solution to optimize an existing space and make it better in functionality and appearance. Taking an existing space and updating it can have a positive impact on family dynamics, employees, and customers.

Keeping your home in tip-top shape can be difficult over time. Our experienced professionals can transform or add a space to fit your family’s changing needs.

Commercial remodeling can improve your business. It can also increase productivity and improve employee morale. Renovating your commercial property allows you to create an environment that is practical and tailored specifically to your employees and customers.

Customers will be eager to check out your new space. It will give the Lake St. Louis community a buzz that could potentially increase your business traffic through word of mouth. Improve your company image by communicating that your business is thriving and successful with a remodel or renovation project.

The General Contractor Who Can Handle It All

Our team appreciates and understands a client's need for a general contractor who can handle every phase of a project, from consultation and planning to completion. With over 100 years of combined experience, RT Construction can guide you to make the best decisions for renovating your space. We remain committed to offering our Lake St. Louis clients what they need and expect from a general contractor.

Contact us to begin transforming your space.

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