There are numerous ways to insulate your home or business, but spray foam insulation is a superior solution. Spray foam is a long-lasting option that offers numerous benefits for residential and commercial property owners. 

What is Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation consists of two materials, isocyanate and polyol resin. These two substances expand up to 60 times their liquid volume when combined and applied. The foam penetrates every nook and cranny of the space to seal out moisture and air. For years, spray foam was used almost exclusively in commercial properties, but that is changing. More homeowners are choosing to insulate their homes with spray foam rather than fiberglass insulation.

7 Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

1. Energy Efficiency

Spray foam performs better as an efficient year-round insulator than traditional types of insulation. It creates an airtight seal, filling cracks and gaps within your home that traditional types of insulation would otherwise leave unfilled. After adding spray foam insulation, homeowners see significant savings on their heating and cooling bills.

2. Water Resistance

Unfortunately, even small holes and cracks in walls allow moisture to invade your home. Spray foam insulation prevents air, moisture, and pests from entering your property. Because it is impervious to water, it will remain intact if flooding or excessive moisture ever impacts your house.

3. Improved Indoor Air Quality

Most allergens don’t enter your property through open windows or doors; instead, they come in through small cracks and gaps in your walls. Spray foam minimizes indoor allergens, such as dust, mildew, mold, pollen, and other pollutants. Pest waste is another factor that impacts air quality. Since rodents and insects aren’t attracted to spray foam, you’ll also see a reduction in those pollutants as well.

4. Mold Resistance

Spray foam is water resistant, which helps deter mold growth, but it is also composed of an inert polymer that offers no food source for bacteria and mold. Homes and businesses with spray foam insulation within them aren’t subjecting themselves to harmful mold and bacteria growth. This helps prevent foul odors and health risks while reinforcing the overall stability of your home or business.

5. Durability

Traditional insulation can lose its effectiveness as it ages. Spray foam insulation has an indefinite lifespan that lasts for many decades. After the spray foam expands and hardens, it never shifts or sags. This allows home and business owners to reap the benefits for many years with no additional expenses.

6. Enhanced Structural Integrity

Spray foam is incredibly dense. It essentially glues building materials together, adding more strength to a property’s overall structure. This type of insulation acts as a layer of protection against the elements, making buildings stronger. Adding spray foam insulation will also dramatically reduce the noise pollution inside your home or business. Road traffic and other noises are absorbed, so you’ll have a noticeably quieter indoor environment.

7. Eco-Friendly

Foam insulation has higher R-values than other products and forms an effective air and moisture barrier. Foam insulation can also help reduce construction time and costs when building a new home. It will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint through reduced heating and cooling costs.

Where Can Spray Foam Be Applied?

Properly insulating your property reduces heating and cooling costs and improves comfort. Spray foam can be used in any area of your home or business.

Your attic is a significant source of heat transfer. Adding spray foam is an excellent way to prevent hot air from escaping through the roof in the winter and cool air from escaping during the summer.

Basements can be a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Sealing the walls of a basement using spray foam creates a drier, safer, warmer, and healthier environment.

Insulating interior walls before installing drywall saves energy and provides an effective noise barrier. This is particularly important in modern homes, which often have notoriously thin walls.

Insulating exterior walls with spray foam provides a tight seal preventing air and moisture from entering and damaging your home. It also improves the overall structural integrity of the entire house.

Why Choose RT Construction?

RT Construction has completed residential and commercial projects in Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas with precision and quality for over 25 years. We install spray foam insulation in all types of properties. We are licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Contact us online or call 636-317-5636 to schedule a free estimate.


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