If you need extra space in your home, consider expanding by adding a room. There are many types of spaces to choose from to fit the needs of your family. Adding-on to your home has a lot of benefits. Some home additions can even give your property a higher resale value.

Add a Room to Meet Your Needs

If you need a little extra space in your house, consider expanding. You can choose from a variety of home addition ideas as your family grows and changes.  Here are a few ideas to consider.

1. Second Story

If your property isn’t large enough to expand out, then build up. Adding a second story to your home will double your living space while taking nothing away from your yard and landscaping. It can also save you from an expensive or unwanted move. You can configure your home to have all or some of the bedrooms upstairs, leaving you with more space downstairs.

2. Sunroom

If you have an old porch or a deck you want to enclose, you could create a sunroom. Sunrooms welcome in natural light all year round, providing you with comfort and flexible living space. With the large windows in a sunroom, you invite sunlight into your home to help warm up your living space. Sunrooms allow you to take advantage of the natural scenery and outdoor views around you.

3. Screen Rooms

If you’re looking for a less expensive solution to a sunroom, consider adding a screen room instead. These additions are open-air spaces that can be used for at least three seasons of the year.

Unlike a sunroom, they don’t have windows, just screens built within the wall frames. They let in fresh air and sunlight, while keeping the insects and pests at bay. Constructed with aluminum, they offer durability, longevity, and low maintenance benefits.

4. Walk-In Closets

Walk-in closets are not only enviable but have a great return on investment. The cost of installing either a walk-in closet or custom closet organizer is a lot less than the costs of most other room additions. It adds a luxurious feeling to the master bedroom and serves a very practical purpose.

5. Additional Bathroom

An extra bathroom is always a welcome home addition. Some families may consider it to be a necessity. If you have teenagers, that extra bathroom can offer more privacy and keep everyone on schedule. It is also helpful when guests stay with you so they can have their bathroom.  Adding bathrooms to a house offers one of the highest return on investment, averaging 60% ROI.

6. Finished Basement

Is your basement underutilized? If so, take advantage of the space and turn it into the living area of your dreams. Whether it be a family room, game room, or personal fitness center, a finished basement is always a good idea.  This can also be an ideal area to turn into an accessory dwelling unit, or ADU.

An ADU is a separate part of the house that can serve as an additional living space. It can be attached or detached from the home. You can also use this space as a rental. Creating a space for tenants to rent out can help offset the cost of finishing the basement with extra income. Or it can be used as an in-law suite for your aging parents. Future homebuyers will also enjoy the benefits of this additional space.

7. A Utility Room

Utility rooms, or mud rooms, are becoming more popular with homeowners. They serve to keep unsightly appliances and supplies organized in their own space.  A utility room is a feature that will attract buyers when you’re ready to sell.

Are Home Additions Worth It?

Adding onto a house adds comfort and value to your property. Other benefits include:

  • Money Savings: Instead of moving to another house with a bonus room or extra bedrooms, you could add to the home you already have.
  • Better Use of Space: The original layout of your home may include wasted space. By expanding areas with additional construction, you can get a better flow and use that space more efficiently.
  • Increased Home Value: Adding onto a house usually increases its property value, as long as the project is done well with quality results. Your home will be worth more with the extra space.

Trusted Construction Professionals

If you are ready to expand your space, give RT Construction a call to discuss  your ideas and plans. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to create the space you need. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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