Metal buildings work well for many commercial and industrial businesses. They can be used for office buildings, car dealerships, warehouses, and commercial aircraft hangers, among others.

These metal structures are made of steel frames designed for easy construction and durability.  Steel is less expensive and better for the environment than other types of materials.

With the innovation in the metal building industry, creative solutions are endless. Metal buildings can be custom designed with different panel options and finishes. Building owners can meet energy-efficiency requirements easily with a metal building. The metal buildings of today are far superior to what was the standard decades ago.

Metal building systems have become a popular and cost-efficient building solution among architects and building owners. They cost less than conventional construction methods. They have a longer lifespan than wood structures.

Why Choose a Metal Building?

Metal buildings continue to be a widely used choice in commercial construction today because they have many useful advantages. Metal buildings last longer, offer better protection, and are easier to construct. They offer numerous benefits that positively impact the form and function of a construction project and add value to the bottom line.

Before you begin your next construction project, consider these benefits of using metal for the buildings.

1. Faster Construction

Fewer days of labor are required to build a metal building which translates into cost savings and a reduced chance for a worker’s injury.  Expanding an existing metal building can be done quickly by removing an end wall, adding framing, and covering with a matching metal panel.

2. Low Maintenance Costs

Metal buildings are highly durable structures that require little maintenance above the occasional cleaning and painting. Metal buildings need less maintenance than similar structures of other materials. Required repairs are few and are easily performed. You don’t have to worry about damage from insects or animals with metal buildings.

A metal frame or panel will not crack, split, or warp under normal use. Steel is resistant to rust and corrosion, and can be painted to fit newer design needs. Long-term maintenance with these types of structures is minimal, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and design of your building for many years to come.

3. Withstands Severe Weather Conditions

Metal buildings are known for their strength and durability against many types of harsh weather conditions. They can withstand adverse conditions such as earthquakes, rainstorms, hurricanes, and snow. Also, unlike wooden materials, they are resistant to the harmful effects of termites. Metal built infrastructures are also less prone to rotting, splitting, and cracking.

4. Eco-Friendly

Metal buildings have a positive impact on the environment. No trees are being cut to provide for construction. Metal frames can be recycled so that when it comes time for demolition, the metal material will never be taken to a landfill. This reduces the overall impact of waste in the environment.

5. Energy-Efficient

Metal buildings are naturally energy efficient and can be modified to increase that efficiency. They can be insulated with fiberglass, metal panels, or rigid board that makes for a tightly sealed structure to keep heating and cooling expenses down. Along with that option, these buildings are available with an array of low-profile roofs and roof colors, which also help reduce energy costs.

6. Flexible Design Options

Metal building designs have evolved over the years to provide commercial property owners with customizable finishes that give endless aesthetic options. Designs can be modified and expanded as your business grows. Metal does not limit these options, so you have greater flexibility with your building’s interior layout.

Metal buildings can be fully customized to meet your needs and support all types of functions.  Custom colors, textured finishes, and embossing allow companies to design and brand a building's shell from top to bottom. Other options like horizontal profiled panels, concealed fasteners, and factory-formed corners give buildings a unique aesthetic appeal. The myriad of options available gives designers the freedom to be creative.

Ready to Build?

Metal buildings are a wise investment. RT Construction has a well-established, experienced team with the capacity to take on any project. With our experience, capabilities, and access to resources, we can provide you with some of the best quality and metal construction available.

You have no limitations when it comes to the design of metal buildings. They are built stronger, more affordably, and with more versatility in a faster timeframe. Thanks to all the progress that’s been made with metal construction, we can also design any aesthetic look you have in mind and customize your building to fit your functional and visual needs.

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