The concept of building a custom or dream home that’s attuned to your specific interests can be freeing. You can create exactly what you want while only being limited by your budget and imagination.  There are countless new home features to consider; so many that you may get lost in the decision-making process.

Your dream home should reflect who you are, your lifestyle, and your preferences. When building your dream home, know what the needs of your family are. The biggest advantage of building a new home is personalization. You get to make your dream a reality when you choose the right construction team.

The Best Home Features to Include in a New House

Home is where everyday life happens, so you want things to be as perfect as possible.

When building a new home, you get to include new features that provide more functionality and make the most sense for you and your family.

1. Kitchen Finishes

kitchen refresh

Kitchen spaces are very important to all homeowners as this room is the heart of the home. Some decor options include granite or quartz countertops. Depending on how you intend to utilize the area, you may wish to include some of the following new home features in your kitchen:

  • Oversized island with seating
  • Under-cabinet lighting
  • Walk-in pantry
  • Open shelving in place of upper cabinetry
  • Dinette niche with beverage storage
  • Breakfast nook or breakfast bar

2. Open Floor Plan

If you enjoy entertaining, an open floor concept is a great choice for gatherings. High ceilings make rooms feel more spacious. Lots of natural light also brightens up your open living area. You can achieve that with larger windows to maximize the natural light entering the home. This will also provide expansive views of your outdoor landscaping.  

3. Expansive Master Bedroom

When the end of the day arrives, you need a place to rest and relax. Ample space in a master bedroom can offer a reading nook and a large dressing room. Take your bedroom to the next level with personal walk-in closets that contain full-length mirrors, a couch, and an island for storing and arranging jewelry.

Add a walk-in shower and standalone tub to your master bathroom. Extra storage can keep things organized. This is your peaceful place, so whatever brings you comfort should be considered.

4. Bonus Rooms

You should think beyond the essential rooms and incorporate spaces that truly enhance your lifestyle.  Make the time you spend at home with family even more enjoyable with:

  • A home theater or media room if your family enjoys movie nights. Install a large TV or projector, surround-sound speakers, comfy seating, a refreshment area, dimmable lights, and more.
  • A space for an at-home gym or yoga studio if your family wants to stay active and fit without leaving the house.
  • A game room for hosting fun nights that includes a wet bar and stools, pool table, dartboard, and other games.

5. Personalized Built-Ins

Building a new home allows personalized storage, letting you incorporate however much your family needs. Not only are built-in cabinets more stable than free-standing shelving, but they give each space an increased level of class.

As you begin making your plans for your new home, consider incorporating some of the following built-ins:

  • Shelving units for functional storage and displays such as built-in bookshelves
  • Benches and/or window seating with hidden storage options
  • TV and entertainment units to mask unsightly wires and cables while providing space for electronic devices

6. Smart Home Technology

It’s helpful to have a home that can add convenience and simplify routines. Home automation and security have become popular in recent years.  Consider incorporating the following smart-home-technology options:

  • A home security system that includes a doorbell camera and smart door locks. 
  • Home automation system including a smart programmable thermostat and smart appliances
  • Built-in speaker systems
  • Ample power outlets with USB-charging points

7. Outdoor Living Area

covered porch

You may want to create a way to spend more time outdoors. Having a new outdoor space is an expansion of your home. Some outdoor living options include:

  • Covered outdoor lounge area with comfy seating
  • Outdoor kitchen and dining area with large table and ample seating
  • Screen room with fireplace
  • Deck

Your Dream Home Awaits

It can be difficult navigating which features will benefit your family and enhance your lifestyle. As a leader in the home-building industry for years, RT Construction can provide valuable guidance throughout the entire home-building process, including selecting the best new home features, location, and floor plan for you and your family.

 If you’re excited to start planning your new home construction, talk with the experts at RT Construction.

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